Much Like The O.C. the characters of Veronica Mars graduated in 2006 (same year as myself). Truth be told, I didn’t have cable in high school. I was unable to watch Veronica Mars when it originally aired. My introduction came from finding the season 2 DVD set in a five dollar movie bin at Safeway (Best deal ever!). Today Marshmallows I look back at three seasons and the film of Veronica Mars.

-Film Noir for Teens… and on TV-

From the get go we see this is going to be a dark story. In first episode we find out A. Veronica’s best friend Lilly was murdered. B. She and her family are ostracized from the community making her mother skip town. C. At a party Veronica is roofied and wakes up discovering she was raped. So yeah, not all wine and roses for Veronica. The main story of season one has Veronica investigating Lilly’s death. In the meantime she befriends new student Wallace and helps fellow students using her sleuthing powers. Other important characters include former boyfriend Duncan, new boyfriend Logan, computer whiz and cohort Mac, gang leader Weevil, and all around nice girl Meg. Of all the seasons this one has the best overarching story. It also laid the groundwork to propel season 2’s story. But the best part was the great chemistry Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni had. You genuinely believe the daughter/father dynamic between them.

-Figuring Out What Worked-

Maybe it’s because I watched season 2 first, but for me this has some of my favorite moments.  With Lilly’s killer in prison things are looking up for Veronica. Her father is vindicated in the community, school is (for the most part) back to normal, and it’s senior year. Things go south when a school bus crashes killing all but Meg (who ends up in a coma) on-board. Once again Veronica takes it upon herself to find out what caused this crash. The biggest improvement over season 1 is that Logan is clearly pushed to the forefront of Veronica’s love life. Duncan was a decent character, but he never had real chemistry with Veronica. He ended up leaving mid-season and it was for the best. We also got more screentime for the characters of Dick and Beaver who had some great moments previously. Unlike the first season, this year’s overarching mystery had me stumped until the end. I was truly shocked at the reveal of who caused the crash and their motivations.

-The College Years-

Now we’re into season 3 which has some minor issues. The main problem is that they decided to split the overarching mystery into 2 separate stories. Part one deals with a serial rapist prowling campus and part two is solving the murder of the dean. There’s is even a small mystery at the end of the season, but it’s kind of inconsequential. The cast now had two new characters: Piz, a new love interest for Veronica and Mac’s roommate Parker. While both of them carried their stories well it never felt like either fully integrated (especially Parker) with the cast. It’s still a solid season, but there were problems. The writer’s struggled to keep Weevil relevant to the story pushing him to being a custodian at the college. Keith’s running for sheriff re-tread part of his season 2 storyline. Unfortunately the series was cancelled and fans were left wanting more.

-A Long Time Ago We Use To Be Friends-

Ten years after the series premiered Veronica Mars and Co. returned this time in feature length form. Thanks to fans funding the production (real classy Warner Brothers) we got a new chapter in the story. It’s the ten year reunion at Neptune High (even though the film was released on the 10 year anniversary of the first season instead of the actual graduation) and Veronica gets pulled back into the world she thought she’d left behind. It seems like everyone has gotten their life straightened out until Logan is charged with the murder of his famous girlfriend. Of course, in spite of becoming a lawyer Veronica can not give up the P.I. life. While it’s only an hour and 40 minutes long and not 22 hour episodes everything feels like it’s suppose to. All these years later and the actors never lost touch with their characters. I’m proud to admit that I was one of the people who pledged money on Kickstarter and I still wear my shirt with pride.

-The Future-

Since the film’s release there have been two novels set in the V Mars universe. I’ve read the first and really liked it. The 2nd book is sitting in my reading pile at the moment. After writing this article I think I’ll finally crack it open. As you can clearly see I am a huge fan of Veronica Mars, but what about you? Did you watch the series? Did you contribute on Kickstarter? Would you be up for another film?

3 thoughts on “Class of 2006: Veronica Mars

  1. I loved Veronica Mars because the first season reminded me of Twin Peaks (another show I am obsessed with and cannot wait till it comes back). I actually started to watch Veronica Mars way after it ended when I was in high school but I was into it (because who doesn’t love Kristen Bell & Tina Majorino). I didn’t contribute to the kickstarter, I loved the film, and if they do a kickstarter for another film I will contribute in a heartbeat.

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    1. Funny thing is that Rob Thomas originally toyed with the idea of having Veronica and Duncan turn out to be half siblings, but thought it’d be too Twin Peaks like. Agree, been a huge fan of both of them for a long time. Plus Ken Marino is such a love/hate d-bag as Vinnie. I’d recommend reading the follow-up book “The Thousand Dollar Tan Line”. It rounds out a plot point that kind of got dropped after season one.


      1. I have both book in my amazon wish list and heard nothing but good things. Whenever I get finish my manga (I have a ton of manga to read) I am going to make my way back to novels and add those two to my cart.

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