The Internet has become a vast oasis (or wasteland depending on your point of view) where any average joe with a computer and opinion can speak their mind. While this has been a great in allowing the unheard voice get a podium it’s also meant a lot of obnoxious people get louder. With that being said I have found a collection of Youtubers I enjoy watching. One of those is film critic Chris Stuckmann. Today I’m going to talk about why I value his opinions in regards to film.

-The Roger Ebert Gauge-

The great Roger Ebert once spoke about how his ratings system is relative in terms of genre. It’s hard to compare films like Fan4stic to The Revenant, so you need to compare something like Fan4stic to Ant-Man. Stuckmann seems to carry a very similar approach in his reviews. With his recent re-review of The Amazing Spider-Man he pointed out how the film faltered in relation to the Sam Raimi films. Why is this important? Because you need a specific tool to measure something in relation it’s own worth. You wouldn’t use a yard stick to find out how much water is in a jar. So why would you use Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to decide if Crank: High Voltage is a good film?

-Clearly Making His Point-

I don’t think there is a single critic that I’ve ever agreed with 100 percent of the time. I remember seeing Chris’ review for the remake of The Thing and being at odds with him. He gave the film an A- and I utterly despised it. But, with his review he clearly conveyed the reasons for his grade and backed it up with clear points. On the other hand I loved Crimson Peak while he gave it a C. He points out that the film does have a great visual palette, but it’s story wasn’t up to par. If any good critic is going to take an opinion contrarian to the majority they need to be prepared to defend said opinion. Stuckmann does this eloquently and intelligently with every review.

-Not Just an Angry Rant Reviewer-

One of the biggest problems that has swept the Internet is how people tend to put on these over the top personalities to stand out. Rant Reviewing has been a big thing online and sometimes it works. Point of fact: The Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker) has been around for nearly a decade and made some hilarious rant reviews. At the same time Doug Walker has done videos (usually with his brother) where he gives an honest opinion on a film. My problem is that as time went on you can feel his Nostalgia Critic persona bleed into his regular reviews. Stuckmann thankfully draws a strong line between his regular reviews and his “Hilariocity”reviews. I appreciate that because it shows he knows that in spite of how much he may dislike a film like Fan4stic he doesn’t just scream into a camera and act like it’s an actual review.

So what are your thoughts on this article? Is there any specific online critic you watch on a regular basis? Are you subscribed to Chris Stuckmann? Talk about it down below.

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