Let’s face it, you’ve read all over the Internet about the criticism leveled at Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I even wrote an article a few days ago about Batman V. Superman’s similarities to Iron Man 2. (Shameless promotion time: You can find that article on the main site) News surfaced this week about Seth Grahame-Smith departing The Flash film over creative differences after five months of prep. Now rumors have sprung up that James Wan may be exiting Aquaman. If any of this is true we have to wonder what exactly is going on at Warner Brothers. Of course if this is true we won’t find out the real details for years, but let’s begin to speculate.

-Reshuffling the Deck-

This may be the most likely of scenarios at the moment. It’s safe to assume that Warner Brothers expected more from Batman V Superman’s release. While $862 million is no small chunk of change it’s fair to say everyone involved thought there’d be more gold at the end of the rainbow. This was suppose to be an event film and while it opened impressively it’s been trailing off ever since. I think we can assume that Warner Brothers is going to try and re-calibrate the tone of DC films to be more in line with what fans are expecting. This may mean that the original vision directors wanted to bring to their films is getting squeezed out in favor of a more homogenized tone.

-Same Shit, Different Day-

When James Wan signed on to direct Furious 7 he said he wanted to get out of the horror genre and bring more variety to his filmography. Of course we all know the tragedy that befell the production. With Walker’s passing Wan and co. were left to pick up the pieces and finish the film. Wan later stated that while he thought having a big budget meant problems would be easier to deal with instead the problems were just bigger. After taking a break from big budgets with The Conjuring 2 Wan felt confident enough to sign on for Aquaman. Now problems may be creeping up before filming even begins. I’d assume Wan is beginning to experience deja vu and wants to get off this train before it leaves the station.

-Re-shoots for Suicide Squad-

Right after Batman V Superman got released news dropped that the upcoming Suicide Squad was going back into production to shoot some new footage for the film. While director David Ayer came out and said that the re-shoots were put in place to strengthen an already great film and he was on board a hundred percent these words are worrying. I can already point the finger back to last year’s Fantastic Four debacle for a potential analogy. Both the studio and Josh Trank downplayed the extent of Fantastic Four’s re-shoots to make it seem like it was some minor alterations. What actually happened was a film getting completely overhauled with about a third getting re-shot. Now this isn’t always the case, but more often when news of re-shoots leaks out it’s never a good thing. And while Ayer is putting on a brave face he’s smart enough to know not to bite the hand that feeds him.

-What About Justice League?-

Yep, this film has also been mired in some rumors lately. Once again, the fall out of Batman V Superman has had a long reaching impact. This time though things are looking extremely difficult. Unlike Flash and Aquaman, Justice League was already full steam ahead with filming commencing mere days after Batman V. Superman’s release. While this means Warner Brothers is stuck with Snyder they’re trying to exert more control. As you can guess there has been talks of clashing opinions between studio and director. It’s also assumed this has lead to Warner Brothers keeping a tighter lid on publicity for Justice League at this point. While everything is still conjecture as of now this is not the type of press Warner Brothers needs. They’ve already taken huge amounts of flack and these stories add fuel to the fire.

As usual, what are your thoughts? Does Warner Brothers stand a chance in moving forwards with their DC films? Are all of these people smart in getting while the getting is good? Or are you ignoring all the gossip and just waiting to see how the films turn out?

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