It seems so weird to think of a time when I watched videos online pre- Youtube or Vimeo. I still remember once upon a time how blown away I was by the fact that I could download the trailer for Jurassic Park III (I was thirteen at the time and expected the movie to be amazing) and watch it as many times as I wanted. There are a few other videos I remember from this era including Homestar Runner (TROGDOR!!!!) and Neurotically Yours. I have great memories of watching “Squirrel Songs”, “5 More Minutes”, and so many others in my computer class over doing work. Today I wanted to look back at Foamy the Squirrel and what’s going on with him, Germaine, and the other squirrel cohorts nowadays.

-The Origins-

Originally starting out as a comic book created by Jonathan Ian Mathers (I had no clue about that) Neurotically Yours became a webtoon that mainly focused on Germaine’s dark outlook while Foamy would occasionally pop in from time to time to make a witty comment and leave. Slowly but surely more Foamy made it’s way into the series and this was for me the driving force that got it noticed. As a teenager I loved the angry diatribes of this furry little maniac and was a card carrying member of the “Cult of Foamy”. It was fun in between classes or at lunch to catch a friend in the halls and say, “You can’t handle my Squirrely Wrath!” only for people to look at us like we were crazy. Once I got into college I tried to stay caught up, but between me being busy and storylines becoming increasingly darker I kind of stop watching. Slowly I began to think less about Germaine and Foamy (and Pilz-E, one of my favorites) until I just assumed Jonathan Ian Mathers had stopped making episodes. That is until August of 2011.

-New Look, Same Old Foamy-

Out of nowhere I remember reading that Neurotically Yours was getting a reboot to take the story back to a less overtly sexual place and debut a new look for the show. Jonathan Ian Mathers (in the form of a Foamy rant) even told fans to calm down and not worry about the show becoming more kid friendly. I really liked how the original series actually set up the reboot. As Germaine continued to make more and more questionable life choices Foamy presented her with a “reboot button” saying that she’d get a second chance if she pressed the button. What we got was a new storyline where Germaine is forced to move out of New York into a Connecticut suburb. Foamy begrudgingly goes along and all of our favorite characters follow. It was fun to see a series free of so many years of baggage heading in a new direction.

-What’s Going On Now?-

Now five years into the rebooted series Neurotically Yours continues to stay consistently entertaining. After taking a break from the sexual content Mathers brought it back and fans called foul. But what he intended was very interesting. It turned out that Germaine had been suffering from severe hallucinations these past few years and all the sexual content was in her head. Mathers stated that this idea was to show how constant sexual idolization in today’s society can warp a person’s perception. With that we’re beginning to see Germaine once again be a more light-hearted character. I guess that’s what being highly medicated will do. On the flip side, thankfully Foamy is still his angry ranting self. And even as I wrap this article up I can not believe that Neurotically Yours has been around for nearly half my life.

As usual, what are your thoughts? Are you still watching the adventures of Foamy and Germaine? Now that I’ve brought back memories of the series are you going to get caught up on the show? Can anyone handle your Squirrely Wrath?

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