Deadpool is finally out on DVD and Blu-ray for those of us that still buy physical media. And with it came a solid number of special features. I’ve just started digging in, but what I’ve found I really like. The best part is that there’s not one, but two feature length commentaries on the Blu-ray. First we have a track featuring star Ryan Reynolds and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. And on track two we have director Tim Miller and Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld. I listened to the first one today and figured I’d share some of the more interesting anecdotes the trio told. I do promise I’ll get around to Miller and Liefeld’s track in the not too distant future, but for now let’s dig into the minds of the star and writers.

-The Philips Carousel Ad Inspired the Opening-

Back in 2009 director Adam Berg did a commercial for Philips that was a single tracking shot amongst a static scene. What we saw was a group of cops taking on a group of clown masked bank robbers. I had totally forgot about this commercial until they mentioned it in the commentary. If you’re interested the ad is on Youtube.

-The Origin of Dopinder’s Name-

It turns out that Deadpool’s cab driving friend was in fact named after a friend of Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, the actual Dopinder died after being struck by lightning.

-Reynolds Took One of the Remaining Deadpool Suits-

In his own words, “I basically told them to go fuck themselves. I waited ten years to do the movie. If they want to take the suit back they can try taking it from me. I was in very good shape when I shot the Deadpool movie and I felt confident that I could take out a 107 pound studio executive.”

-The Original Test Footage cost $275,000-

The footage that leaked online and basically got the movie rolling cost the same amount as an indie film. Amongst the three of them they wonder who leaked the footage. Both writers point the finger at Reynolds.

-The First Script was Written in 2009-

Although they went through a lot of re-writes much of what is on the screen is identical to what was initially written. (Having read the leaked script I can attest to this.) The only real difference is that many action beats were cut or scaled back to make it cheaper. Apparently Fox also commissioned a PG-13 script which Reynolds jokes, “It was about six pages long.”

-Bea Arthur Cost $10,000-

Licensing Bea Arthur’s likeness for the shirt Wade wear’s in the first flashback cost them ten grand. Even though the budget was tight Reynolds said it was the best ten grand they spent. The money went to a charity in Bea’s name.

-Cancer Diagnosis Scene was Technically the 1st Day of Shooting-

Deadpool had a 48 day shooting schedule which is insane for an action film. Luckily they saved money and time by filming this scene while still in pre-production.

-The Regina Joke Came From Reynolds’ Life-

When Reynolds was in his mid-twenties he in fact replaced a sign for Regina, Saskatchewan to include the line, “It Rhymes with Fun”. He loved the joke so much he wanted to re-use it.

-The Burn Make-up Sucked-

Reynolds states that on days when he had only arms and face make-up it took five hours to apply. On the days when it was full body it took eight to nine hours. One of the full body make-up days of shooting went on for 25 hours straight.

-The 1st AD came up with the Zamboni Death-

One of my favorite moments from the film was thought up on the fly while shooting. Reynolds states, “That’s a good Canadian joke right there.”

-Reynolds Also Kept the Stuffed Unicorn-

While not really noticeable apparently the stuffed animal is wearing assless chaps and has a proportionally sized penis sewn into him. I’d keep that prop too if I was him.

-Paul Wernick Talked to an Actual Strip Club DJ for Stan Lee’s Dialogue-

Wanting to make sure that Stan Lee sounded as authentic as possible in his role, Wernick took it upon himself to ask an actual DJ what he’d say while working. He mentions that moment was, “Really the low point of my career.” Worst of all none of the dialogue ended up in the film.

-Sometimes Censorship is Creepy-

In the film there’s a scene where Weasel says to Blind Al, “Wanna get fucked up?” For the TV version the line has been changed to “Wanna get felt up?” All three of them state that the edited version is creepier than the R rated version. I agree.

-The Lost Post-Credits Scene-

There’s a line in the film where Deadpool talks about Beast shitting on his lawn. Apparently this was at one time going to be the stinger at the end of the film. Nicholas Hoult was game to reprise the role of Beast, but scheduling conflicts prevented it from getting shot. Maybe in Deadpool 2.

-Extreme Wall Breaking-

As the film closes Reynolds sings along with Deadpool who is singing along with George Michael. He declares that he, “just broke 24 walls” in doing so.

-The Post Credits Stinger-

It was apparently Paul Wernick’s idea to parody the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ending. The only snag they ran into was Paramount made them change the wallpaper because to was too close to what’s in Ferris Bueller. If you look closely you’re suppose to be able to see little penises in the wallpaper. I looked, but couldn’t find any.

These are just a few fun moments from the commentary, but there’s a lot more so I highly recommend giving it a listen. It’s great hearing them because the film was still nine days away from opening when they recorded, so they’re not gloating about how big a success the film became. As usual, what are your thoughts? Did you like Deadpool? Do you listen to commentaries?


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