It’s been a few weeks since I wrote about some of my favorite TV series that only lasted one season. Unfortunately there’s enough shows that got cancelled that I’m able to make a second list. And quite possibly a 3rd list down the line. Once again we’re going to look at a handful of shows that while worth watching didn’t get the viewers needed to keep the series running. If you’re interested, here’s a link to the previous article so you can see what made that list. Without further ado let’s dig into the sadness.


Produced by Joel Silver (Yeah the guy who produced the Lethal Weapon films) and starring Jay Mohr, Action was a hilarious satirical look at the film industry. Jay Mohr played Peter Dragon a hotshot action film producer who’s trying to get his career back on track with his next film. After accidentally hitting a hooker (Illeana Douglas) on the way to a premiere the two work together to get this film made. It’s funny how what this series tried to do and got ignored would be dumbed down by Entourage and made a success. The entire series is available on DVD, so give it a look.

-Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip-

Aaron Sorkin’s first TV series after the immensely successful The West Wing was set to be the next big thing for NBC. Stacked with a cast of extremely talented actors (Lead by Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford) this show tells the story of two writers once fired from a popular sketch comedy series forced to return once their mentor has a meltdown on live TV. From there we get to see all behind the scenes antics and drama that can plague any TV series. It was interesting seeing Sorkin basically air his dirty laundry with this show. Whether it be his recent drug problems or the allegations of doing a large majority of writing on his series because he sometimes only trusted himself to get it done, he talked about it. Unfortunately due to the pricetag of the series and the lack of viewers this show got the ax. If it’s any consolation we got to keep 30 Rock.


I’m going to preface this with stating that I’m a fan of Ron Livingston. Ever since I saw Office Space at way too young an age (Thanks big brother) I’ve always thought he seemed like a cool guy. So seeing him, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Gina Torres who was fresh off Firefly in a series about hostage negotiators seemed like it’d be a solid hit. It premiered on a Tuesday, but since it wasn’t a breakout success it got pushed to Friday and cancelled because Friday nights on FOX are a kiss of death for a series. Luckily all eighteen episodes can be found on Hulu if you want to give this series a look.

-Keen Eddie-

So we’re now at the fourth series on this list, but it’s the third one that got cancelled by FOX. Damn it, you’re breaking my balls here FOX. Mark Valley plays a New York detective who’s sent to England to assist Scotland Yard in a case that he botched in the U.S. Once wrapped up he decides to stick around and continue working with them. The premise was ripe for storylines and Valley is so damn charismatic he carried the show, but let’s not forget that this series was what introduced Sienna Miller to U.S. audiences. Once again, this show is available on DVD if you want to give it a watch, or re-watch and catch the episodes that didn’t air on FOX.

-Clone High-

This was around the time that MTV was beginning to get polluted with more reality TV shows and their animated series kind of got shafted. (And they also made you go to MTV 2 if you actually wanted to see any music videos) Beavis and Butt-Head were long gone and Daria had just wrapped up, so there needed to be a series to fill the void. In came Clone High, it was based on the premise, “What if a bunch of historical icons were cloned and forced to go to high school together?” Does it sound stupid? Probably, but it was hilarious. Seeing Joan of Arc portrayed as the Goth chick, JFK as the moron jock, Lincoln and Ghandi as the nerd outcasts, and Cleopatra as the popular girl made for some great parody. Fun fact: Two of show’s creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller when on to direct The Lego Movie, The Jump Street films, and the upcoming Han Solo film.

Once again, what are your thoughts? Are there any shows that you miss? What are you worried will get cancelled this year? And considering I still have a handful of single season shows to talk about, should I do another list?

4 thoughts on “Brilliant, But Cancelled: Single Season TV Shows Part 2

  1. I like your lists! I haven’t watched some of these, but I definitely agree with Studio 60 and Selfie (from your previous list). ‘Selfie’ was the best way to present ‘My Fair Lady’ to the current generation.

    ‘Undeclared’ was a one season show that I was upset when it was canceled. I thought the writing was quick and people could relate to the experiences and characters well. Of course ‘My So-Called Life’ was amazing to me as a preteen, but I think it holds up well overall. ‘Hello Ladies’ was hilarious and I couldn’t believe HBO cut it loose after one season. They made a movie to give closure, but it was blah. ‘Pushing Daisies’ and ‘ Dead Like Me’ were two season shows that got cut way too early. I was devastated when they didn’t come back.

    Although it was campy and not too popular, I loved ‘Eastwick’ on ABC. If more people watched it, I think it could have been a lot of fun to follow. 🙂

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    1. I feel for Bryan Fuller. Hannibal lasted 3 seasons, Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me got 2 seasons, and Wonderfalls only got 1 season. The guy is awesome, but just can’t catch a break. I do love Undeclared as well. Been tempted to talk about it. It seems like 90% of the TV I like ends up getting cancelled too soon. And Selfie, I’m still reeling. Gillan and Cho were perfect foils for each other.


      1. I enjoyed the first season of Hannibal and part of the second, but then sort of forget about it. I don’t think I will ever understand the early demise of Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me. Both were so well-written and engaging. I console myself by saying they were ahead of their time. I remember when Arrested Development was canceled and I was so upset. That was a show I watched on FOX every week religiously, but no one seemed to get it and then it was gone. FOX and ABC are the biggest culprits in canceling shows too early, in my experience. They don’t give a show enough time to get a foothold and then it is gone. Manhattan Love, or whatever it was called, wasn’t a very good show, but how do you justifiably can something after one or two episodes?! I will continue to be upset about Selfie too. I was really hoping another network or an online network would scoop it up.

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    2. Yeah, FOX and ABC appear to be the main culprits at not giving shows a fair shake. Arrested Development was lightning in a bottle and they squandered it. At least us fans were able to convince Netflix it deserved a 2nd shot.


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