So after listening to the Reynolds, Reese, and Wernick commentary I knew I had to check out the second one on Deadpool’s Blu-ray. This time around we had the film’s director Tim Miller and co-creator of Deadpool himself Rob Liefeld. I will admit off the bat that this commentary if definitely a lot less talky than the previous, but there’s still some great details dished by these two. So, without further ado let’s look at the highlights from this track.

-Karan Soni Didn’t Want to be in the Film Initially-

That’s right Dopinder who became one of the best parts of the film was originally almost not taken by Karn Soni. He was worried that playing Dopinder would hurt his TV career because of the obligation. It took Tim Miller, Ryan Reynolds, and Simon Kinberg all begging for him to finally accept the role.

-Deleted Marvel References-

Originally when Deadpool burned Ajax’s henchmen on the forehead with the car’s cigarette lighter he was going to say, “I loved your work in Daredevil.” A thinly veiled reference to the villain Bullseye. They ended up going with the “don’t swallow” joke due to it being more universal.

-More Colossus-

There introduction scene of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead at the Xavier Mansion was added in later re-writes. Miller realized that with the characters showing up on the bridge after Deadpool’s massacre it didn’t really establish the dynamic between Deadpool and the X-Men that was needed.

-Colossus, the X-Men Star That Nearly Was-

Rob Liefeld states that in the initial run of X-Men Colossus was originally going to be one of the main stars of the series. That’s why he’s featured so prominently on the first six issue’s covers. Other characters became more popular with fans and the rest is history.

-Miller’s Lost Shoes-

If you look closely behind the bar in T.J. Miller’s first scene there’s a flyer looking for “Lost” shoes. It’s in fact a reference to a pair of shoes the director owns that he loves wearing, but his wife despises.

-The Sex Montage Got Re-written… A Lot-

At one point there was going to be an Easter scene where Wade was going to be dressed in a chicken costume. It would have ended with him shitting a chocolate egg onto Vanessa’s chest. There was also talk of a scene for St. Patrick’s Day with Wade in a Leprechaun costume. Miller states that screenwriters, “Rhett and Paul are very into costumes. I don’t know what that says about them as people or their love lives.”

-Reynolds Worked Out A Lot For the Film-

Apparently Ryan Reynolds was putting on so much muscle of the the role at one point Miller told him he had to stop. They even had to remove padding from inside the costume to make sure it fit him properly.

-The Set Decorator Had a Thing for Cocks-

Shannon Gottlieb put a lot of references to roosters in the sets she dressed for Wade’s apartment and Deadpool’s lair. Miller says he has no idea why she did this.

-The Severed Fuck You-

When they were doing pre-visualization work to mock up some of the VFX for the bridge scene Reynolds commented that it would be hilarious if when they panned down to Deadpool’s severed hand giving Colossus the middle finger. Safe to say it turned out to be one of the funniest jokes in the film.

-Casting Angel Dust-

Initially Gina Carano didn’t want to play the role of Angel Dust. Miller states that Gina is such a nice person that she didn’t want to play a bad guy. “It’s because she has the heart of a hero.”

-Reynolds Stank-

Due to the excessive amount of sweating that Ryan Reynolds did while wearing the Deadpool costume he would often smell ripe. It was so bad that at one point Morena Baccarin commented about it to Miller.

-The Burn Make-Up Sucked: Part 2-

While wearing the burn make-up during the fight scene while the warehouse was on fire so much sweat pooled between the make-up  and Reynolds skin that Miller estimates an entire cup of moisture was collected. Everyday after shooting Reynolds would rip the make-up off in spite of it possibly damaging his skin.

-Reynolds Recommended Corso to Craft Deadpool’s Look-

Bill Corso who’s work includes Foxcatcher, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and being the personal make-up artist for Jim Carrey and Harrison Ford was the man who designed Deadpool’s look. Miller was thankful Reynolds wanted him on the film.

-The Hardest Joke to Pull Off-

Due to the fact that they were running behind schedule and the Ikea dresser wouldn’t properly fall they almost had to cut the joke. Luckily on one of the final takes they got the ramshackle dresser to collapse properly and on queue.

-T.J. Miller Improvised A Lot of His Jokes-

It’s no secret that T.J. Miller has a gift for making up a lot of great jokes. Miller (the director) states that almost every take something different would come out of his mouth. It got to the point where they couldn’t properly time Ajax and Angel Dust’s entry into the bar. Miller tried to tell T.J. to be consistent so they could get the timing right. It didn’t happen.

-Getting Marvel’s Permission-

In order to change Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s mutant ability from being precognitive/telepathic to generating explosions they had to go to Kevin Feige and ask permission. Miller states he wouldn’t have changed a mutant’s ability from the comics, but since NTW was such an obscure and underused character that it was easier.

-Rob Liefeld Loved the Film-

From start to finish Liefeld compliments every aspect of the film. I think it’s safe to say if one of the original creators of the Deadpool loves the film that everything worked out well.

And that pretty much sums up all the major moments from this track. I will say that Tim Miller definitely gets more into the technical side of filmmaking. A lot of the anecdotes are smaller, but he tells some fun stories. Liefeld gets a few good tidbits in, but for the most part is just happy to see his creation on the big screen.

As usual, what are your thoughts? Have you enjoyed these two articles discussing the commentaries? Should I do more of them? Let me know.

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