With the airing of last Sunday’s episode “The Door” we’re now at the middle of this season of Game of Thrones. Today I wanted to take a look at (Mostly) everything in these five episodes and possibly offer some guesses as to what we could be seeing in the next five episodes. Please note off the bat that this article is going to be riddled with a lot of *SPOILERS*, so if you haven’t seen any of season six and don’t want spoilers I’d recommend you stop reading right now. Alright, now is your last chance to click out. Still here? Excellent, lets begin.

-The Starks-

Yes, our favorite and most likely to be murdered family is still trying to keep things together. After the ambiguous fate of Jon Snow at the end of season five we’re given a rather definitive answer. Or so we think. I was one of those people who assumed Snow wasn’t dead for long. It has been nice seeing once Jon was resurrected he’s become less of a goody two shoes. Sansa has been getting the shit end of the stick for a long time. With two of her three past husbands being psychos it was only a matter of time before she decided to take her fate into her own hands. In the past Sansa has been a rather bland character in my opinion. She seems to always be more of a passenger in her own story than a driving force. But that has definitely changed. It’s good to see her become more proactive. Arya continues her training to become a Faceless (Wo)Man after being blinded and cast out last season. Through some redemption she regained both, but there’s still some hesitancy in her to fully embrace her future. Bran is still training with the Three-Eyed Raven and through this training we get a glimpse into the past. One of these flashbacks may in fact have given us a hint as to Jon Snow’s true parentage. Of course this doesn’t last long as Bran screws up and reigns a boatload of trouble on everyone in the cave with him. Oh, and Rickon is now in the hands of Ramsay Bolton if you cared.

-The Lannisters-

Cersei, Jaime, and Tommen are all neck deep in problems after Cersei let the High Sparrow and his cohorts loose to do her dirty work. It’s always nice to see the Lannisters get their just deserts. But I think it’s safe to assume they’re down, but not out at this point. On a more brighter side Tyrion continues to prove himself a valuable asset to Daenerys in her absence. As he tries to keep peace in Meereen with Varys we see his wisdom prove to be useful and diplomatic in maintaining the fragile alliance struck. It’s nice seeing his time as Hand of the King is proving useful. Could it mean that position will be in his future? I certainly hope so.

-The Boltons-

Just when you think the series killed off the most detestable character with Joffrey you get someone just as bad… if not worse in Ramsay. Is it more horrifying to deal with a psychotic asshole who’s a rich self-entitled prick or a psychotic asshole who’s had to claw his way to the top and hasn’t been afraid to get his hands dirty in the process? This detestable heap of excrement has been murdering to keep a tight grip on the North and now that two Starks are coming after him he might be in for a fight. In spite of the fact that he’s got a bargaining chip in Rickon we might see the Boltons reign come to an end. It’s been nice to see all the conspirators in The Red Wedding meeting a painful end.

-Daenerys Targaryen-

After being saved from the vicious attack in Meereen, Daenerys gets dropped into the Dothraki’s hands. With news of Drogo’s death a new Khal forces her join a bunch of other Dothraki spinsters in a proto-Red Hat Society. This doesn’t sit well with the Mother of Dragons who traps the Khals in building and burns it down. The remaining Dothrakis (along with Jorah and Daario who arrived in a half-baked rescue plan) bow to her. Looks like her cause to reclaim the Iron Throne continues to grow.

-The Greyjoys-

Having finally reclaimed a piece of his former self Theon returns to the Iron Islands where he finds out about his father Balon’s death. His sister Yara assumes he plans to take the throne for himself, but after his mismanagement of Winterfell it looks like there’s no remaining interest in ruling. As Yara begins to rally support to her cause their delusional uncle Euron comes into undermine her. In spite of admitting  his hand in killing Balon people rally around him and he is crowned king. In the meantime Yara and Theon steal the entire Iron Fleet and set sail.

-Death Death Death-

In typical Game of Thrones fashion many people have been knocked off in the span of half a season. It would appear that leaders are on the chopping block this year. Ramsay killed not only his father Ruse, but his stepmother, and infant half-brother to protect his future. Euron killed his brother take over the Iron Islands. Rightfully so, Jon Snow had all the men who had a hand in his death hung including Olly. Fucking Olly man, you deserved it. And now we get to the more tragic side of this. Yep, we have to talk about characters we actually care about who kicked the bucket. After getting caught with Rickon, Osha tries her best to seduce and murder Ramsay. Unfortunately, Theon revealed to Ramsay how Osha pulled the same scam on him previously and she ends up with a knife to the throat. Rest in peace one of our favorite wildlings. And of course with the last minutes of the fifth episode came the death of our favorite one word man, Hodor. Due to Bran’s stupidity the White Walkers attack the cave and in his last moments he’s forced to “Hold the Door” to help Bran and Meera escape. Ugh, talk about gut-wrenching stuff.

-What’s Next?-

With five episodes left there’s a lot of possibilities. It’s safe to assume Daenerys will probably return to Meereen, but who knows if she’ll be happy with Tyrion and Varys work in her stead. We might finally get to see how much power Jon has when he doesn’t let his pesky morals get in the way. We can only hope that Ramsay finally meets a horrible, but much deserved death. But most importantly, will Brienne and Tormund  hook up before the end of the season? I honestly hope so.

As usual, what are your thoughts? Are you pleased with how season six is shaping up? Is there anything that they’ve kind of glossed over that you want fleshed out? Are you hoping Sam and Gilly pop back up? And seriously, how much do you want to see Brienne and Tormund hook up?

Of course, if you want to you can follow me on Twitter @SDFilmThoughts for more random crap about movies, TV, and online content. It’s not like the Internet isn’t already clogged up with enough of that. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Season 6: So Far

  1. I’ve been truly happy with this season.

    The Kings Moot was a huge feature in one of the books and I thought they were going to completely leave it out which was sad, but now I see they were just saving it.

    As for Bran, I’m not sure how him and Meera are going to escape. Hodor is gone so there is no one to carry Bran, only Meera to pull him (not even her bother to help). They also lost Summer in that cave (which was a huge blow for me) so they don’t have the Dire Wolf for protection anymore. All that would be difficult enough to complete their incredibly long journey back to the Wall, but now they also have a fast-moving army of the dead following them. It makes me wonder if we will now see the appearance of another character from the book that assisted Sam and Gilly and also Bran and crew earlier in the story. I sure hope so, but my guess is they might combine that character with another as they have been known to do in the show, or else just skip it all together and they will magically be back at the wall.

    I loved finally finding out about Hodor’s origin. But I wonder if Hodor actually saw his death and had to carry the memory with him for the rest of his life, or was it something that just happened to him and he couldn’t remember why? I’m sure we’ll probably get an inside look in the book, but I felt the show didn’t clarify this.

    Complete goosebumps after the scene in Vas Dothrak. I’m really curious how Dany I going to get her now incredibly huge army across the sea, but I suppose she could set them all to building ships and have a fleet in no time (the Dothraki of course really just being for labor as they likely know nothing about ship creation). One can hope that she is even able to feed all of them.

    And I TOTALLY hope that Brienne and Tormund hook up! She’s never had anyone truly look at her like that (only jokingly) so I have my fingers crossed!

    Nice recap of a great season!

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    1. Thanks Manda, after re-watching all 5 episodes in a marathon I realized there was so much going on that I needed to unpack it just to clarify things for myself. This could honestly shape up to be the best season so far and considering what’s come before it that’s a major compliment.

      I am wondering as well what this will mean for Bran and Meera they’re at a huge disadvantage, but that hasn’t stopped previous characters from rising up. I’d love to see Sam and Gilly’s story connect with them.

      That’s an interesting and horrifying thought. If Hodor spent decades knowing and mulling over how he was going to die it’d be heartbreaking.

      If Daenerys got Dothraki to board ships once I think she can do it again.

      Seriously, those looks that Tormund has been giving her and how she’s kind of uncomfortable with them. Tormund needs to suck it up and get the courage to talk to her. They’d have the most badass warrior children ever.

      I glossed over a few points, but I wanted to cap at 1000 words. Otherwise I’d have delved into Littlefinger’s motives. Once the season is over I’m thinking I’ll do a follow-up article. I had a ball writing this one.


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