I’m back and as promised we’re still on the topic of the season of Game of Thrones. I knew that trying to cover all threads left dangling in a single article would be impossible, so let’s pick things up from where we left off. And if you haven’t read my previous article you can find it here: https://sdfilmthoughts.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/game-of-thrones-season-8-theories-speculation-and-guesses/

-The Greyjoys-

While we know Euron’s endgame is to assist Cersei by ferrying The Golden Company (we’ll get to them in a bit) to King’s Landing in hopes of finally winning her hand, what about the rest? Yara is his prisoner on the Iron Islands and Theon is on his way to break her out, but what are the odds of this going well? With The Iron Fleet doing Cersei’s dirty work there’s a good chance that the Iron Islands are not well guarded. We’re in dire need of seeing Theon finally get some redemption. For the past five seasons we’ve seen his strength erode and the moment we think all is well he cracks. I think there’s a good chance we’ll get some character redemption for Theon, but at what cost? I could see Theon and Yara facing off with Euron only for Theon to die in the process. Because there is one thing that is inevitable.

-Death Death Death-

Oh yeah, we know for sure there is going to be a lot of this coming. I’m almost certain that we’ll see a multitude of side characters shuffle off the mortal coil. At this point it’s almost guaranteed that both Varys and Melisandre are on the top of that list. As she prophesied as much in season seven there’s no doubt in my mind. But along with that odds are Sir Beric will finally die. In the books he gave his life to resurrect Catelyn Stark, so I could potentially see something similar happen. There are many who have a hand to play in the final battle and if Beric believed The Lord of Light wanted to him to give his life to bring someone back he’d gladly do it. Jon Snow has already been brought back, so he’s more than likely out of the question. I could see Sandor “The Hound” Clegane being a possible option. If he were to die and be brought back this would be a big turning point for his character. He might finally believe he has a purpose in life. As heartbreaking as it might be there’s also a chance Tormund might not make it. Our favorite wildling has done a lot in service to Jon and we love him because of it. That would be a huge blow to morale especially for Jon and it would give him more of a reason to keep fighting.

-The Faceless Men-

With Arya’s from Braavos we have not seen nor heard anything about The Faceless Men. While it’s assumed that Arya paid her debt and Jaqen H’ghar (if it was him) let her leave scot free there’s a chance that’s not the end. Arya has been using the trade she learned from them to cross a few people off her list and that may not set well. The Faceless Men worship The Faceless God and as we know there is a strong accounting for life and death. With that said, Arya’s vendetta has been racking up quite the body count. I could see a Faceless Man paying the North a visit next season and death coming with. While we all love Arya and that’s why it would hurt to see her die. But I could see one of the Faceless Men either coming for her or someone she cares about. And if they come for Jon, Sansa, or someone else important she may sacrifice herself to save them.

-Clegane Vs. Clegane-

Everyone seems to be spoiling for this face off to happen. We know that the animosity between The Hound and The Mountain has been something they’ve had in them since they were children. After Gregor burned Sandor’s face for playing with a toy and their father blaming it on a bedroom fire it’s not been pleasant. When we saw the pair finally see each other again for the first time since season one there was a bit of foreshadowing that these two will come to blows. While I personally see this fight as fan service if done well it could be impressive. Sandor may finally get his well deserved revenge and another person could be added to the pile of dead assholes.

-The Golden Company-

This may be the most troubling prospect on the horizon. Even if The Army of The Dead is defeated  Jon and Dany face another epic problem. The Golden Company is considered some the best trained (possibly exceeding The Unsullied) warriors in Game of Thrones. If the North is left in tatters after killing The Night King and his army they’ll be severely outnumbered by the 10,000 strong sellswords Cersei has hired to do her dirty work. But as we’ve seen sellswords have never been the most reliable army. Stannis hired an army only to be defeated by Ramsay and co. and Bronn has said his allegiance lies with whoever is going to win. While The Golden Company have never broken a single contract that could change. Even if they have war elephants I’d assume seeing dragons would make them think twice about marching into battle. And it’s no longer a matter of if so much as when Jon’s true parentage will be revealed. If they found out they were fighting against the rightful heir of the iron throne there’s a chance it would get them to surrender.

-Prophecy Three-

So who is, “The Prince(ss) who was Promised”? This has been a major point of speculation not only in the series, but amongst fans. As of now the big contenders are Jon and Dany. While both are viable candidates what if to quote Yoda, “There is another.” I truly believe that Jon will get Dany pregnant and that child will be the promised one. And bonus points if the child is named Rhaegar.

-The Endgame-

George R.R. Martin has previously stated that he intends to have a bittersweet ending for A Song of Ice and Fire’s story. While it has been a road painted with a lot of bitter (Ned’s death and The Red Wedding to name a few) there needs to be some sweet. Either there could be fair and caring people who sit on the iron throne or the Seven Kingdoms will be broken up and Robert’s Rebellion and all the bloodshed will have been for nothing. But how iconic would it be to see Drogon’s fire melt down the iron throne? Or, considering a lot of this mess was put into place by incest it could almost be… for lack of a better word poetic that incest is what cleans it up. Dany has built up quite a following and Jon being a Stark would bring any hold outs to the table. How is that for bittersweet?

-Bonus: Dead Man Walking-

How fucked up would it be to see white walker Hodor in the Army of the Dead? Yeah, let that traumatic image set in.

These are my thoughts, but as usual what are yours? Are you ready to see how Game of Thrones ends? Are you more excited for the final two books? Do you think we’ll get a satisfying conclusion? Let me know. Remember you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @sdfilmthoughts. As always, thanks for reading.


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